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Ballpoint pen mold processing custom open mold injection molding one-stop service manufacturer
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Ballpoint pen mold processing custom open mold injection molding one-stop service manufacturer

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Ballpoint pen mold processing custom open mold injection molding one-stop service manufacturer

A ballpoint pen is a widely used writing instrument characterized by the rolling of a ball at the front of the pen or refill to bring out the writing medium, i.e., ink. Made from hard materials such as brass, steel, or tungsten carbide, these balls roll smoothly and release ink onto the paper as you write. In the production process, ballpoint pen molds play a vital role. These molds have a complete internal structure and precise dimensions to ensure that the individual parts of the ballpoint pen can be assembled together precisely. In addition, by adjusting the parts and sizes in the mold, ballpoint pens can be manufactured in a variety of shapes to meet the demand for different styles of ballpoint pens in the market.


As a pen mold industry, are you looking for a professional manufacturer supplier of injection molds for pen products to meet your needs for rapid mass production. If you have such a need, find us Dongguan Fanstar Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FANSTAR), because we have the same heart, that is, to help customers solve problems.


1. About the professionalism of ballpoint pen and electrical product mold injection molding

Fanshida has more than 10 years of experience in making molds, involving a variety of molds, and has provided many customers with many perfect mold solutions. Of course, there are many problems encountered in the process of making ballpoint pen molds, and through the unremitting efforts of our team, we are able to solve these problems, and finally summarize them into our pen mold summary report, which becomes our valuable experience accumulation. With more than 10 years of experience accumulation and precipitation, Fanshida has developed into a professional provider of pen-making mold solutions with a high degree of professionalism and excellent cooperation. At the same time, we will also master the core technology, strengthen technology research and development, and maintain the leading edge of technology. Continuously improve product quality and performance to adapt to changes in market demand. To optimize mold design and improve production efficiency, mold manufacturing enterprises need to speed up the optimization of mold design and improve production efficiency. In the design of the mold structure, the reliability, stability and safety of the mold should be considered, and high-strength and high-hardness materials should be used to improve the life of the mold. In addition, in order to improve the accuracy and quality of mold manufacturing, advanced CNC machining equipment and automated production lines can be adopted. In the end, it is to achieve a win-win situation with customers, which can not only deliver pen molds to customers with quality and quantity, but also ensure the stable and rapid development of Fanshida, so as to better serve customers.


2. Ballpoint pen mold precision machining open mold injection molding manufacturer Fan Shida FANSTAR

There is still a long way to go, thanks to the customer's recognition, support and trust all the way to Fanshida, customer satisfaction is the only criterion to test the quality of our mold products. Fan Shida people will always maintain an original intention to help customers solve problems, serve every customer who chooses well, and live up to every support and trust. In the near future, we also hope to be able to contribute to the injection mold industry to contribute our strength, after years of hard work in mold manufacturing, our company's pen mold has won a number of comments among customers, in many molds Fan Shida out of doubt, become one of the choices of our customers; "Pay attention to every detail" is the entrepreneurial tenet we have been following, pen mold pay attention to the details of the grasp and seeking, "in the service, in the quality" is the common goal of the company!




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