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Analysis of the causes and solutions of the defects in injection molding
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Analysis of the causes and solutions of the defects in injection molding

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Analysis of the causes and solutions of the defects in injection molding

A tip is a common injection molding defect that appears as a sharp edge or burr on the edge of a plastic product. This defect not only affects the appearance quality of the product, but also may adversely affect the performance and service life of the product. Therefore, it is of great significance to solve the defect of tip for improving product quality and production efficiency.

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The reasons for the defects in injection molding can be summarized as follows:

1. Machine factor: Machine factor includes mold, nozzle and gate and other parts. Mold wear, clogged nozzles, or incorrect gate sizes can lead to tip defects.

2. Process factors: Process factors include injection temperature, pressure, time and other parameters. Too high injection temperature or too low pressure can cause turbulence in the plastic melt when filling the mold, resulting in a tip defect.

3. Material factors: Material factors include the type of plastic, dry degree, etc. Excessive shrinkage of plastics, poor drying or containing impurities can lead to a tip defect.

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For the above reasons, the following solutions can be adopted:

1. Technical improvement: check and maintain the machine regularly to ensure that the mold, nozzle and gate are in good condition. At the same time, the use of more advanced injection molding technology and equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality.

2. Process optimization: According to the type of plastic and product structure, adjust the injection process parameters, optimize the filling and cooling process. For example, appropriately increase the injection temperature and pressure, or adjust the cooling time.

3. Material selection: Select the right plastic material to understand its shrinkage characteristics and scope of application. At the same time, ensure that the drying degree of the material meets the requirements, and strictly control the impurity content of the material.

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It is a complicated problem for injection molding to have a flaking defect, which needs to be analyzed and solved from many aspects. Through the measures of technology improvement, process optimization and material selection, the problem can be effectively solved and the quality and efficiency of injection molding can be improved. Usually all the process means can not be solved, the biggest trouble for injection molding technicians. For this situation, the most important means is to fix the mold.




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