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About automotive connector and terminal molds
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About automotive connector and terminal molds

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About automotive connector and terminal molds

From the perspective of structural elements, the automotive connector is composed of the basic interface contact coating contact elastic element and the connector plastic body, in addition to the plastic body material composition of the connector, the remaining three components are determined by the terminal, which means that the terminal is the core component to ensure electrical connection and signal transmission, and its mechanical and electrical properties and vibration resistance have extremely high and extremely strict standards.


Automotive connectors

An automotive connector is a device used to connect different parts of a circuit, which can build a bridge of communication between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current can flow and realize the intended function of the circuit. It is a key component in the connection between the various devices inside the car.

There are many types of automotive connectors, including DIN connectors, USB connectors, OBD connectors, and HDMI connectors, etc., which have different application scenarios and characteristics.


Automotive terminals

An automotive terminal, also known as an automotive terminal block or automotive electrical plug, is an electrical connector used to connect wires with electrical equipment. According to different connection methods and application scenarios, automotive terminals can be divided into various types, such as fixed terminals, plug-in terminals, crimp terminals, and screw terminals.

Automotive terminals play a key role in the connection and transmission of automotive electronic systems, and are mainly used in many aspects such as signal transmission, power supply and data exchange. By connecting the vehicle's battery and individual electronic devices, they provide power transmission and ensure the stability and safety of the power supply. At the same time, they ensure accurate and reliable transmission of a wide range of signals, including sensor signals, control signals, audio signals, and more.


Fanshida's products cover a variety of fields, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical devices, etc. In the automotive field, Fanshida's automotive molds are widely used in the production of various auto parts, such as auto parts fuel filling cover injection molding, etc.




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