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Abnormal analysis of the stuck phenomenon of injection mold
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Abnormal analysis of the stuck phenomenon of injection mold

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Abnormal analysis of the stuck phenomenon of injection mold

During the molding process of injection mold, the side core-pulling slider, push rod, push tube, center pin and so on May occur "stuck" phenomenon. To prevent sticking, proper lubrication management is required and maintenance-free parts construction is used." "Stuck" belongs to the abnormal wear of the sliding surface. According to the different causes of abnormal wear, it can be divided into corrosion wear, adhesion wear, fretting wear, fatigue wear and abrasive wear.

1. Corrosion wear comes from the chemical composition, moisture, ions and other substances in the resin, forming the corrosion environment, resulting in the potential difference between the mold parts and the form of wear.

2. Fretting wear, in the fit state of small clearance, produces the wear form of point-like wear. Often occurs between square keys and keyways.


3. Fatigue wear, mold parts due to repeated movement, stop fatigue, resulting in wear form. The form in which a fish scales off.

4. Adhesion and wear: the raised parts of the mold parts collide with each other, and adhesion occurs at the position where the contact is the most intense. The adhesion part falls off to form the form of wear powder and wear.

5. Abrasive wear is the abnormal wear pattern easily produced when the hardness difference exists in the material of the sliding mold parts. The harder material is embedded into the softer material, causing scratching and causing sintering.

When stuck, it will bring fatal damage to the cavity and core, such as the bad action of the push rod and the side core-pulling slider, which will directly lead to the danger of damage to the injection mold. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the mass production is fast and the finished product quality is excellent! Have the need of injection molding mold welcome to contact us!




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