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A common method of molding plastics
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A common method of molding plastics

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A common method of molding plastics

Common plastic molding methods are injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, calendering and compression molding.

1. Injection molding

Injection molding is the most popular of all plastic molding processes

Features: Can mass produce complex shape products

Typical molding product: camera body

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2. Extrusion forming

Features: Continuous production of fixed shape products

Typical molding products: hose shape/resin particles

Extrusion molding products after cooling device (water tank), pull device, cut off device to become products. Thermoplastic resins are usually used and cannot be used to produce hardened film shapes.

3. Blow molding

Blow molding is also known as hollow molding or blow molding. The basic idea is to expand it by blowing air into it.

1. The tubular blank is made of extruded parts connected together, which are clamped by the blow molding mold from the left and right sides to close the end of the tube embryo.

2. Then blow in compressed air to expand the tube embryo along the shape of the mold. Leave to cool and remove.

4. Calendering molding

After extrusion molding is completed, a number of press rollers are used to calendering film and sheet.

Typical molding products: film, plate - like products

5. Compression molding

This is a common method of thermosetting resin molding, is the thermosetting resin into the heated mold, while the mold while pressure melting, so as to form a molding product.

Typical molding products: tableware, basin




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