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5 minutes to take you to know the injection mold structure | Fanstar
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5 minutes to take you to know the injection mold structure | Fanstar

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5 minutes to take you to know the injection mold structure | Fanstar

5 minutes to take you to know the injection mold structure 

Before the injection molding parts with precise dimensions are processed, it is very helpful to understand the basic structure of the injection mold in detail, which is of great help to better realize the appearance, performance and size of the product. So, what are the basic structures of injection molds?


In fact, they are all the same. There are two parts: movable mold and fixed mold, which are composed of pouring system, temperature regulation system, forming parts and structural parts. Among them, the gating system and molding parts need to be in direct contact with the injection molding raw materials, and they need to change with the raw materials, products, and quality requirements, so they become the parts of the mold structure that are more complex and change greatly and require high precision tolerance and finish.


  1. The gating system, also known as the runner system, refers to the part of the runner before the raw material enters the cavity from the nozzle, including the main runner, the cold material hole, the runner and the gate, etc., which are directly related to the molding of the injection molded products. quality and productivity.

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2. The main channel is a passage connecting the injection nozzle of the injection molding machine to the runner or cavity. The top of the main channel is concave to facilitate connection with the nozzle. In order to avoid the occurrence of flash after injection molding, the inlet diameter should be slightly larger than the nozzle diameter.

3. Cold material hole, a hole at the end of the main channel mainly collects the cold material generated between two injections at the end of the nozzle, so as to prevent the blockage of the runner or gate.

4. The runners refer to the channels connecting the main runner and each cavity in the multi-slot mold. The melt can fill the cavities at a uniform speed. The arrangement of the runners on the mold is symmetrical and equidistant. The shape and size of the runner section are distributed. It has an impact on the flow demoulding of the injection molded parts and the difficulty of manufacturing.

5 gates. The design of the gate size should consider the properties of the melt, and the design of the gate shape, size and location depends on the properties of the raw materials. The size and structure of the product.




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