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16 core experiences of injection mold design
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16 core experiences of injection mold design

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    The injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool for giving plastic products a complete structure and precise dimensions. China's injection mold industry is developing rapidly, but compared with the advanced level of foreign injection mold industry, there is still a big gap. At present, China's injection mold industry is mainly subject to mold standardization, mold accuracy, life and manufacturing cycle, and mold steel product upgrades. , The level of enterprise management innovation and other factors. With the continuous development of domestic injection technology in recent years, the plastic molding process has been continuously improved, and there are more and more high-quality injection mold factories.

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Principles of injection mold design

    To produce a set of high-quality injection molds, not only do you need good mold processing equipment and skilled mold manufacturing workers, but another very important factor is to have a good mold design, especially for complex molds. More than 80% of the quality. An excellent mold design is: on the premise of meeting the requirements of customers, the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, and the processing time is short.

To do this, we must not only fully digest the customer's requirements, but also have an understanding of the injection molding machine, mold structure, processing technology and mold factory's own processing capabilities. Therefore, to improve the design level of injection molds, the following design principles should be followed:

1. When designing each injection molded product, first determine its mold opening direction and parting line to ensure that the core pulling slider mechanism is reduced as much as possible and the influence of the parting line on the appearance is eliminated.

2. Understand every detail in each mold design and understand the purpose of each part in the mold.

3. Appropriate stripping slope can avoid product top damage, such as top white, top deformation, top break.

4. When designing, please refer to the previous similar design, and understand the situation in its mold processing and product production, and learn from its experience and lessons.

5. When designing injection molded products, the contradiction between product appearance, performance and process must be considered comprehensively. Sometimes sacrificing part of the craftsmanship can get a good appearance or performance.

6. Learn more about the working process of the injection molding machine to deepen the relationship between the mold and the injection molding machine.

7. Design the buckle device to be shared by multiple buckle positions at the same time, so that the overall device will not be unable to operate due to the damage of individual buckle positions, thereby increasing its service life, and then adding more rounded corners to increase strength.

8. The next factory understands the process of processed products and recognizes the characteristics and limitations of each process.

9. The product logo is generally set on the flat surface of the product and uses a convex form. Set the logo on the surface where the normal direction and the mold opening direction may be consistent to avoid strain.

10. Understand the test results and mold changes of the molds designed by yourself, and learn from the lessons.

11. Inserting inserts into injection products can increase local strength, hardness, dimensional accuracy and set small threaded holes (shafts) to meet various special needs. At the same time will increase product costs.

12. In the design, try to use the mold structure that was more successful in the past.

13. Setting reasonable rounded corners can also improve the processing technology of the mold. For example, the cavity can be directly processed by R cutter milling to avoid low-efficiency electrical machining.

14. Learn more about the impact of mold water on products.

15. The pillar should not be used alone. It should be connected to the outer wall or used together with the ribs. The purpose is to strengthen the strength of the pillar and make the rubber flow more smoothly.

16. Study some special mold structures and understand the latest mold technology.

    The main basis for mold design is the product drawings and samples provided by customers. The designer must carefully analyze and digest the products and models, and at the same time, during the design process, all items must be checked one by one. When starting the mold design, you should pay more attention to consider several options, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and choose one of them. For reasons of time, the reasonable design at that time, after production and use, there must be room for improvement.




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