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What is the mold base of the injection mold | Fanshida mold
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What is the mold base of the injection mold | Fanshida mold

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What is the mold base of the injection mold | Fanshida mold

The mold base, also known as the mold body, is the skeleton and matrix of the injection mold. Every part of the mold is parasitic in it, and it is also an unprocessed combination of the cavity. For the whole mold, there are three parts: the front template, the rear template and the mold core. Of course, a set of molds is quite complicated, and there are many structures.

The application of real molds involves every product (such as aerospace, stationery, electrical communications, medical products and equipment, etc.) as long as there are a large number of products, they will be produced by molds, and the mold base is an indispensable part of the mold. In reality, the precision requirements of the mold base will be determined according to the product requirements of different levels. The mold base is a semi-finished product in the mold, which is composed of various steel plates with matching parts, which can be said to be the skeleton of the entire mold. Because the mold base and the processing involved in the mold are very different. In short, the mold base has a pre-forming device, a positioning device and an ejecting device. Generally configured as panel, A board, B board, C board, bottom plate, thimble panel, thimble bottom plate, guide post, return needle and other accessories.

The upper mold (front mold) is configured for inner mold forming, cooling, runner and other parts
The lower mold (rear mold) is configured for inner mold forming, finished product push plate, thimble, cylinder needle, inclined top, cooling part (water transport hole), fixing device

It has the following advantages:

1: Setting a positioning groove on the lower mold base can ensure the precise positioning of the upper and lower mold bases, and can reduce the problem of mold base wear due to dislocation.

2: The wear-resistant block groove is set on the lower die frame, which can reduce the wear of the plate during the movement of the die.

3: An anti-expansion groove is set on the lower mold base to accommodate an anti-expansion block, which can prevent the template from being deformed by heat.




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