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Structure and working principle of injection mold
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Structure and working principle of injection mold

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Structure and working principle of injection mold

Injection mold is a tool used to make plastic products. Its structure and working principle directly affect the quality and production efficiency of plastic products. Below we will introduce the structure and working principle of injection mold in detail.

The structure of injection mold is divided into three parts: mold frame, mold core and template. The mold core and the template are respectively the inner mold and the outer mold produced by the mold. The template is the main bearing structure of the mold. There are holes and cavities on the template, and the mold core is the specific part of the mold. Its shape and quantity determine the shape and quantity of the plastic products produced.


The working principle of injection mold is to use the injection molding machine to melt the plastic into the mold, through the cooling and curing process, the final plastic product. In the specific working process, the injection molding machine in accordance with a certain rhythm and speed, the molten plastic particles through heating and extrusion, into the mold cavity. In the injection process, the internal temperature control of the mold is very important, which is directly related to the quality of the final product, therefore, the temperature control device is usually set up in the injection mold.

In the injection mold, the most important is the cavity structure of the mold, because it directly determines the quality of the finished product and production efficiency. Therefore, the design and manufacturing of injection mold need experienced engineers and technical personnel, they need to fully consider the material, process and other factors, to ensure that the mold has a high degree of accuracy and stability.

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In general, the structure and working principle of injection moulds are very complex, requiring expertise and experience in design and manufacturing, and must be adjusted and optimized according to specific production requirements to obtain the best product quality and production efficiency.




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